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      發表日期:2017-12-01  作者:辰工科技技術部轉載



      辰工WITSML數據發布系統采用國際標準WITSML1.4.1,實時為多個用戶提供井場錄井數據、LWD/MWD數據;采用Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP)的Web Service技術,將石油工業中現場數據參照國際標準WITSML的數據請求封裝成SOAP請求,形成便于軟件開發的類庫及服務器中獲取數據的接口標準,實現了全球石油鉆井數據的遠程傳輸、數據處理及數據解釋。產品是由Energistics制定的開放的數據交換標準,使用xml格式以高度文檔化的數據接口進行鉆井過程的數據交換。每個數據項都有xml標簽做說明,格式靈活,表達能力強,適應范圍廣,已在越來越多石油企業得到應用。


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      Warm Congratulations to Our Company "Chengong Fracturing Construction Data Interpretation and Analysis Software", "Chengong WITSML Data Release System" for Obtaining the New Product Certificate of Anhui Province

      Publish Date: 2017-12-01  Author: Chengong Technology Department

      Warm congratulations to "Chengong Fracturing Construction Data Interpretation and Analysis Software", "Chengong WITSML Data Release System" pass the third batch of new products identified of the Anhui Economic and Information Commission in 2017, obtained the Anhui Province New Product Certificate.

      Chengong Fracturing Construction Data Interpretation and Analysis Software is a software which the core is large-scale calculation, involving large-scale calculation pre-processing, numerical simulation calculation, seepage equation analytical solution calculation, visualization, report forms and other components, then components compose to software. Based on PEBI grid, phase-controlled modeling is carried out by considering sedimentary phase zone, cross-well interference, heterogeneity, fracturing mode and so on, and the optimization of fracturing scale and flow conductivity is realized. The application of post-fracturing and production data can evaluate the effect of fracturing transformation, predict productivity and guide the horizontal well layout scheme design and fracturing scheme design and optimization of reservoir. Thus, the difficult problems of fractured well fracture effect evaluation and productivity prediction are solved, which helps the oil field to formulate the working system reasonably and improve the oil recovery benefit. At present, it has been put into use in Daqing Oilfield, which has improved oil recovery and economic benefit.

      Chengong WITSML Data Publishing System adopts international standard WITSML1.4.1, to provide well site logging data and LWD/MWD data for multiple users in time. By using Web Service technology of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), the field data in petroleum industry is packaged into SOAP request according to the international standard WITSML, and the interface standard convenient for software development for obtaining data in class library and server is formed, which realizes the remote transmission, data processing and data interpretation of global oil drilling data. The product is an open data exchange standard developed by Energistics, which uses xml format to exchange drilling process data with highly documented data interface. Each data item has xml tag to explain, the format is flexible, the expression ability is strong, the adaptation range is wide, has been applied in more and more petroleum enterprises.

      Through the software inspection report, the science and technology novelty search report issued by the professional department, the use report provided by the product users, as well as the analysis of economic and social benefits, the product has been approved by Anhui Economic and Information Commission and obtained the new product certificate. In the future, the company will continue to work hard to improve the level of professional technology and create greater social benefits.